The beginning of a new legacy.

Arcitell was born of a partnership between two experts, one in traditional materials and and the other in modern composites. Our small team of visionaries is backed by some of the best, most trusted names in the industry, so our customers benefit from the highest standards of quality, integrity, and innovation.

belden logo

The Belden Brick Company is the largest family-owned and operated brick manufacturer in the United States. Though Belden is a classic brick manufacturer in operation since 1885, the company is invested in new construction technology. As a forward-thinking company, they are embracing the development of new materials that are a natural extension of their core business.

European based Acell Industries LTD has been innovating for over 40 years in various polymer composites. They are dedicated to providing top-notch materials that meet rigorous performance platforms throughout the entire production process. Acell holds over 100 worldwide patents, including recent patents on AMC, and more applications currently under development.

When Acell Industries LTD needed an operation and commercialization partner to bring their groundbreaking technology into the North American market, Arcitell was born.


Arcitell is the joint venture of Belden and Acell. Our mission is to commercialize this new technology and disrupt the construction industry as we know it, starting in the cladding market. Our advanced products simultaneously address the paradox of consumer demand for premium claddings and the builder’s dilemma of growing cost due to the increasing shortage of skilled labor. Arcitell utilizes technologies under license from Acell Industries Ltd with respect to US Patent No. 9,610,759.

Together, we and our partnering companies are building on the old and embracing the new. Arcitell is the marriage of tradition and innovation, and every new building project with our materials will reflect these values for years to come.