Commitment to Sustainability

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Sustainability is at Our Core

A Message from Robert F. Belden, Chairman and Interim CEO

At Arcitell, we understand the importance and urgency of sustainability. Sustainability is woven into our everyday processes and decisions as we strive to continually strengthen our product systems by building strong relationships with our communities, customers and suppliers. Arcitell is committed to provide value to the exterior cladding market through superior product design and by leveraging unique technologies. In doing so, we partner with like-minded suppliers, customers, individuals and organizations to accomplish our common goals of building sustainable processes and products, thereby making a meaningful impact.

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Core Elements of Our Strategy

Arcitell recognizes its responsibility to protect its people, communities and the environment. We aim to minimize the environmental impact of our organization through sound practices that reduce waste, preserve energy and produce a durable and long-lasting product.

Our environmental footprint strategy seeks to operate in a responsible manner and implement improvements across our entire operation. Arcitell strives to continually strengthen our environmental practices and will continue to comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Sustainability Goals | 2025

The following goals and objectives are the key to ensuring substantial improvements by Arcitell, LLC with our products and systems. These sustainable development goals are integrated and address social, economic and environmental sustainability.

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Improve Employee Health and Safety

Arcitell's focus on the holistic wellbeing of all employees has paved the way to several voluntary programs that enhance our employees' physical, psychological and economic health, with a goal of 80% participation in these programs by 2025. Arcitell is committed to prevent illness and injury in the workplace.

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Address Impact on Climate Change

Arcitell is committed to developing and promoting opportunities for the efficient use of natural resources and continually improving our products and processes by thinking outside the "Squircle," affectionately defined as maximizing the current strength of our groundbreaking innovation and technology.

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Expand Sustainable Capacity

By 2025, Arcitell commits to reduce waste by 50%. Arcitell pledges to use less raw materials and improve energy efficiency for all products made.

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Reduce Dust and Pollutants

Arcitell pledges to reduce dust, its associated risk to employees and its release into the atmosphere.

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Extended Product Responsibility

Arcitell commits to combine the expertise, ingenuity, cooperation and commitment of all key stakeholders to make substantial environmental improvements in product systems.

For more information and support on how our commitment to sustainability can help your business, give us a call at (301) 223-2266 or contact us.

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Market Innovation: Panelized Composite Cladding

Arcitell believes in providing better value to the market through superior product design and by leveraging unique technologies. The time-honored look of traditional material, at a fraction of the cost and installation time, is the Qora innovation. A combined rigid foam core and fiberglass-reinforced compound is surfaced with genuine source materials to make Qora look as authentic as the real thing.

Through continued effort, Arcitell is proud to offer these distinctive benefits to our customers:

  • Realistic look and feel of any material in varying patterns and colors
  • Exemplary fire-resistance, with flame spread and smoke development properties comparable to those of noncombustible materials
  • Outstanding resistance to environmental conditions including freeze/thaw cycling, UV and humidity exposure, fungal decay and termite attack
  • Easy to work with and comes with step-by-step installation guides
  • Virtually maintenance free requiring no painting or repairs
  • Backed by a 20-year Warranty on all its features
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Qora Panel